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Maryland Marathon 1981

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Complete North C. Trail Marathon

This Site is being setup to answer a need in our running community. That is a collective site that contains road races results from not just the present but also the past. While the road runners have a large number of their races, there are some sizable events that are not in the clubs, but are corporate events. Currently we will be collecting as many results as we can find, but we hope to search out old archives of both computer results as well as unconverted results and post them.

There will be several ways of find various results and hopefully each will be self explanatory. Suggestions and results are welcome if we miss an obvious race please let us know.

This site will be an ongoing endeavor so if you don't see something please contact me and I’ ll see what I can.


Robert “Nut” Hall

Western Maryland Timing

LaVale, Md

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